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Rainy Day Hair

It’s a rainy day today, and for many girls, they have extreme difficulty finding hairstyles to beat the precipitation! Below, I’ve listed a few to help you combat the rainy day blues!

1.) Bun- Whether it’s an effortless messy bun, a chic donut bun, or an edgy ninja bun, with a little frizz serum and hairspray, the frizz won’t stand a chance!

2.) Braid- There are so many variations of braids: Cornrows, fishtail, french braids, the list goes on. For whatever you choose, braids are a great protective style.

3.)Ponytail- Last but certainly not least…the ponytail! High, low, which ever way you go, the ponytail is a great option as well. Don’t forget your frizz serum though!


You can never go wrong with a hat! :)


Bohemianism or “Boho” style had its origin in France in the early 19th century. People who practiced this unconventional lifestyle were predominantly artists, writers, or impoverished individuals. Another name for these individuals are “gypsies.” They didn’t conform to normal political views or perspectives on society. People often associate them with “hippies.” They’re style of dress was very minimalist but artistic. They’re hairstyles were natural, effortless, sometimes messy and consisting of waves, braids, and some up-dos mostly.