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Rainy Day Hair

It’s a rainy day today, and for many girls, they have extreme difficulty finding hairstyles to beat the precipitation! Below, I’ve listed a few to help you combat the rainy day blues!

1.) Bun- Whether it’s an effortless messy bun, a chic donut bun, or an edgy ninja bun, with a little frizz serum and hairspray, the frizz won’t stand a chance!

2.) Braid- There are so many variations of braids: Cornrows, fishtail, french braids, the list goes on. For whatever you choose, braids are a great protective style.

3.)Ponytail- Last but certainly not least…the ponytail! High, low, which ever way you go, the ponytail is a great option as well. Don’t forget your frizz serum though!


You can never go wrong with a hat! :)